One Piece: CH598, 2 Years Later


After a month break One Piece returns!


The story picks up roughly two years after the last chapter with Luffy completing his training Northwest of the isle of women.  He seems to have made friends with the apparently strange creatures on the island. I say ‘apparently strange’ because the last chapter made them out to be mysterious but the ones shown appear to be just giant counterparts of normal animals.

I digress, he prepares to leave the island and then the scene changes to Sabaody Archipelago where we are told via some random pirates that in the last two years things have calmed down but more interestingly the Straw Hat Pirates have been recruiting.

Now I must say normal people in One Piece must be stupid! The Straw Hats turn out to be some imposters (that look nothing like their counterparts) using the reputation of the Straw Hats to recruit & throw their weight around. Its amazing anyone would fall for that that, sadly someone quite important does (we’ll get to that later).

A scene change later, we catch up with Brook, who in these two years seems to have become a very famous musician who holds a final concert before his return to his crew.

Next we are shown Sanji, who has had a minor redesign, a small ‘tache and goatee (also I may be mistaken but I swear his side parting is on the opposite side now).  After landing on Sabaody, overjoyed to see real women after completing Ivankov’s challenge he quickly locks his eye on a woman.
After escaping ‘hell’  Sanji makes a hasty farewell to the Okamas but not before giving them a middle finger at the suggestion that they’ll meet again.

Next we are introduced to Nami who has had yet another redesign, her proportions have become even more exaggerated, her breasts have gotten bigger (emphasized by a revealing bikini top) and her legs seems even longer even though she is wearing very low cut hipster jeans.

She is in the bar where coincidently the fake Straw Hats are also in, fake Luffy takes an interest in Nami, clearly not knowing who she is. Ater his advances are rejected fake Nami threatens Nami at gun point that she has two choices “‘accept captain Luffy’s invitation or die”…

Things are concluded quickly when a man eating plant suddenly attacks the fake Nami. Round applause for Usopp who seems to have a new ability and a much more manlier appearance, he seems to have bulked out some.

Onto the Thousand Sunny where ani has just arrived, annoyed that Zoro (with his lack of sense of direction) was the first one to the ship. We are introduced to a bandaged Franky, who has gotten himself a massive gorilla like body, not sure I approve but I imagine it will up his combat abilities.

Next is Robin who seems to be on the run from shadow figures intent on capturing her. Her character design remains relatively unchanged, she is however wearing a fairly conservative dress (for her).

Next we have Chopper, bless him the idiot mistakes the fake Straw Hats for the real ones, the fakes realizing an oppertunity try and capture him but not before fake Nico Robin  is kidnapped by the shadowy men following the real Nico (I say again the people in One piece are really stupid!).

Finally fake Luffy causes a ruckus after being attacked and rejected by Nami, he goes out on the street and is then quickly bumped into and knocked over by an oblivious passer-by . Annoyed that someone would knock over ‘Straw Hat Luffy’  he challenges the passer-by to comeback, the final panel shows unsurprisingly the passer-by is in fact the real Luffy.

Phew! A lot of stuff happens in a One Piece chapter. Ordinarily I would do impressions but this has turned out to be a 650 word essay, but your opinions on the character redesigns and such will be warmly appreciated.

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